5 Reasons Photography Leads to Self-Improvement

It's amazing to me just how many people are superb photographers nowadays. I'm consistently in awe, even just when scrolling through my Instagram feed, at the beautiful images self-taught and hobby photographers are taking. I've loved photography for years, but have only started to grasp it and improve my own self taught skills over the past two. Having travelled abroad for a while, I started to realize all the ways that photography leads to self-improvement.

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Lessons in Confidence: 3 Ways to Boost Your Inner Positivity

Confidence, in short, is your inner positivity towards yourself, which is then displayed on the outside. While confidence is a feeling, human beings are extremely adept at detecting when it's in their vicinity. Confident people are not only accepted more, but trusted more, liked more, and ultimately more destined for success. 

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Alexa Suter