What Happens in Vegas


There's a lot more to vegas than nightclubs and week-long hangovers. Don't feel bad if you haven't yet figured this out for yourself; it took me nine trips (if I've counted correctly) to Las Vegas to finally realize the city has much, much more to offer.

I've had some really fun times over the last 5 years with my many excursions to Vegas, including unexpected jackpots, hilarious memories with friends, and endless moments of letting loose, but this last trip was completely different. With a business-focus that brought my good friend/business partner Allyfotografy and I down to the desert, we found ourselves much more intrigued with discovering beautiful scenery to shoot in off the strip than we did with finding boys or parties.

Boys and parties aside, Las Vegas has a heck of a lot to offer for those with an eye for photographer or virtually any nature lover. We found ourselves driving just 30 minutes off-strip to Red Rock Canyon, and were incredibly wowed with the diverse, vibrant landscape we found here. This made for the perfect backdrop to many of our brand shoots.

Check out this backdrop and many more on our (sadly unsuccessful but still totally worth it) drive through Utah and Arizona to the Grand Canyon.

As it turns out, what happens in Vegas doesn't always need to stay there. 


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