Wearing the Change with Accept Me


It's a crazy world out there, but we're all in together, aren't we? This is undoubtedly the case, and yet each and every one of us has experienced something that would suggest otherwise. Whether it's bullying or inequality in the workplace based on your age or gender, it would at times (consequentially the most difficult of times) feel like it's just you – you against the world. But it's not just you against the world. Things are changing, the world is looking up. And, thanks to movements like the one created by Accept Me, a philanthropic fashion brand supporting a global culture of acceptance, we can now feel more comfortable in our own skin – knowing that we're one of the whole, not one against the whole, and we can be just who we are, AND be accepted for it!

I don't know what it is exactly, but I can't help but notice how people around me are beginning to transform. Is it the collective ego – the one responsible for judgemental, non-accepting attitudes like bullying and racism – that's beginning to shed, leaving just the purity of heart and soul in its place? Perhaps this is the case. Perhaps this is the reason why many people I come in contact with are more focussed on what they can give to the world as opposed to what they can take.

Whatever it is, I'm certain there's change on the horizon. I'm certain that each and every one of us are capable of spreading light, love, and acceptance everywhere we go – which is exactly why I'm so excited to be partnering with Accept Me... since I too was once just a little girl, unaware as to why I wasn't accepted with open arms.

Be the change, and wear the change, you wish to see in the world. Practice non-judgement.

Practice acceptance!


Photography by Allyfotografy