Waking up on the Bright Side


I haven't always woken up on the bright side. For the majority of my life, morning were always gruelling, slow, and often quite sad. But, luckily with time, I started to realize the things I can do to ensure I'm waking up on the bright side, starting with number one: having grateful thoughts before my feet even hit the ground!

I've also gotten my hands on the 5 Minute Journal, which I write in each morning while sipping my coffee, and then I get to work on my face. I've been really lucky to be collaborating with Fiore Skin Clinic; they've set me up on a specialized skincare system called ZO Skin Health through their skincare specialist who took a special camera called Visia to my skin to check out the different layers. I won't reveal my "true skin age" today, but let me just say this: I've done some damage in my quarter of a century!

ZO is a medical-grade skincare line that, so far, has worked wonders for me! It's already helped with my oiliness and the overall coloration of my skin. Jane Iredale mineral makeup was another perk that Fiore threw my way, which is incredible makeup that actually works as a physical sunblock. Since I've always had difficulty working in sunblock to my daily skin regime, what with my oils and all, I'm really excited to be using makeup that is actually beneficial (and not harmful) for my skin.

I can't wait to share more of my results with you in the coming weeks! But until then, watch this little video, and wake up with me on the bright side!


Featured: Zo Skin Health & Jane Iredale Makeup c/o Fiore Skin Clinic

The Five Minute Journal