Modern Home: Keeping a Vintage Aesthetic with Rove Concepts


Modern home decor is of course everyone's greatest wish when they move into a place they love, but there's always those specific pieces from that past – sometimes the distant past – that you wish to keep around. So, how do you do it? I recently finished my home decor and furnishing with a set of vintage velvet (but brand new) Rove Concepts pieces, and I inadvertently stumbled upon the perfect way to keep a vintage aesthetic to a modern home. vintage velvet rove concepts couches vintage home decor

My new Rove Concepts pieces

Before we start talking about the old, can we take a moment for the newest in town (or rather, my loft)? It took me a little bit of time to choose the colour I wanted for our gorgeous Luca Armchair and Luca Sofa, but ultimately we decided on the Solstice Vintage Velvet, a subtle blue/grey with the most luxurious feel. I was really excited to find that those round tube-like accents are actually detached pillows!

Up until this point, all of our pieces were an exciting range of hues: white, black, and grey. And, while it took some courage to step outside of that boring yet safe arrangement of non-colours, I am so incredibly happy we did. Now not only does our home boast a little bit more personality and life, I have a couch (and armchair) that is seriously just as comfortable as my bed. This could pose some danger for working from home, but honestly, so far it's been a miracle.

To finish off our living room, we also went for the Kure Arc Floor Lamp which provides the perfect lighting for the relatively large space, has the most incredibly marble base, and acts as a focal point for the room as well with its relatively dramatic aesthetic. It's arguably the most drool-worthy floor lamp I've ever owned, which has made me a believer that whoever said a floor lamp can't change a girl's life was clearly wrong.

Not all vintage items are worth keeping around, and certainly most are not worthy of being on display in your home, but what about those specific few pieces that are? 

My recommendations for keeping a vintage aesthetic to a modern home:

  • Keep only the vintage pieces that mean something to you, and that are truly valuable. This is step number one, which often entails a pretty significant decluttering. The thing is: if we value vintage pieces too much, we will tend to hoard invaluable garbage that no longer works. Trim down.
  • Make sure your chosen vintage pieces work with your color scheme. I really lucked out here, as I began to notice all of the vintage pieces I wanted to keep around matched the cedar and wood trims in the loft pretty perfectly. I found another place for the few odd pieces that didn't fit.
  • Put your vintage pieces on display. It's likely that, even if your chosen vintage pieces still work, they don't actually get used very frequently. I have a vintage, durable Singer sewing machine, for example, which was passed down to me and which I love dearly, but which I would never attempt to actually use. These are the pieces that are perfect to keep on display, whether on a shelving unit, side table, or elsewhere.
  • Use your vintage pieces as a centre piece. Every table needs a centre piece, and your vintage pieces will look wonderful on your modern tabletops. I use my vintage photography books as a centre piece for my living room coffee table, and from time-to-time, I like to keep my vintage Nikon there too.

vintage velvet rove concepts couches vintage velvet rove concepts couches rove concepts accent chairvintage velvet rove concepts couches

I think every home deserves a little vintage flair amongst their modest and modern, structured furniture, so why not create a home that embodies both aesthetics? PS. After hanging out with my Rove Concept pieces for a few days, I'm pretty sure the line should have been "blue suede couches," don't you think?

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Sandro Luca Armchair – $745 (Reg. $995) Sandro Luca Sofa – $1895 (Reg. $2245) Kure Arc Floor Lamp – $481.25

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