The Vacation For Life


It's incredible how we can sometimes find ourselves stumbling upon the most incredible blessings while we have our eyes focused forward, seeing only what is in front of us. This is sort of how I can describe my inadvertent transition into my current career and lifestyle. While I was busy and focused getting a career in a completely different realm launched and profitable, I found myself tripping on something else. A little writing job was all it was at first - a way to make a little bit of extra money on the side. I started with a few articles, and earned that extra cash I thought was the purpose to this job. But one day while I was driving, a thought of inspiration came to me, and I realized the job's purpose in its entirety. As I worked the numbers in my head, and finally allowed my phone's calculator to assist my mathematically-challenged brain, something hit me. I could, in all actuality, live off of this job, I realized.

Later that day, after sifting through the numbers again and again, I realized the true blessing of this job. Being a writer for this particular company did not require my physical presence. I was not required to show up to the office in order to complete my work. All that was required was that the work get done. I became consumed with the possibilities I saw in this kind of lifestyle, and soon enough realized that my prayers had finally been answered: I had found a lifestyle of freedom.

Though this job came and went, it taught me an important lesson about myself, and one I will never in my life sacrifice again. This "job" taught me that I don't want a job nor will I ever have a regular one again. The experience made it very clear to me that I was no nine-to-fiver, that I had the capability to obtain the life I've always dreamed of - free to roam - and that I would never dedicate my life to making someone else's dreams come true.

Instead, I opt to make my own dreams come true. This life is mine, after all, and I have dreams that are just as valid and well-deserved as anyone else's. So there!

It's only been a maximum of six months that I've been living this dream, which has provided me with a life that feels like a constant vacation, I suppose because in many ways, it is. I continue to write, and as long as I have my internet connection and as long as I'm able to keep myself dedicated and focused on a daily basis, I get to do what I love the most: travel, learn, explore, eat, and write some more.

I think it's safe to say that, with all of the revelations of the internet and the growing demands for content, content, content, the days of starving writers slaving away in offices and eventually drowning in their sorrow and alcoholism are long over. There are now so many ways to accomplish that lifestyle we've all always dreamed of, where we get to complete our work from anywhere in the world.

I still can't quite fathom how I got so lucky, and how drastically my life has  morphed into resembling a prolonged holiday. Perhaps someday I'll get tired of traveling and living out of a suitcase, but for now I'm soaking up every second of it with a ridiculous smile on my face. For now I'm loving my newly acquired lifestyle, and I think my lifestyle is loving me back.

And for once I'm thankful for my clumsiness, for if it wasn't for that stumble, perhaps I never would have discovered this vacation.

This vacation for life.