Travel Tips


I'm not claiming to be the most efficient traveller on the planet, but I have learned a thing or to about travel necessities and in-transit efficiency over the years. So, here are my top travel tips to keep you organized and calm while jet setting.

My Travel Necessities

Budapest bridge watching sunset

A good hat: You may or may not be a hat person, but let me tell you, a good hat will get you so, so far while traveling. Yes, you will be required to wear it on each flight you take, unless you want to stuff it and pack it, risking its loss, but trust me: you won't regret it. I have this little hat from The Latest Scoop and I wear it while traveling because a) it shades my face from the sun b) extends the lifetime of each shampoo and c) makes for even better photos.

Wallet by STIL Classics

A travel-sized wallet: This is key, I repeat, this is key! There's nothing like trying to get to and from your flight amidst loose documents and potentially lost passports. I instantly fell in love with my travel wallet from STIL Classics on my initial flight from YVR, and only loved it more and more with each use. It holds everything – your boarding pass, passport, phone, cars, coins – and also doubles as a clutch, so you can go purse-free on those fun nights out.

Bluetooth headphones by SUDIO

Bluetooth headphones: As you know, I do a lot of photography while travelling, and often I find all of my items (my purse, my camera strap, my headphones) get all tangled and disorderly. This is why I can't stress a pair of bluetooth headphones, like my favorite pair from Sudio, which allows you to go wire-free when strolling around and listening to music. This is also the perfect accessory for bike riding, so you can safely stow your phone in your backpack and still listen to your tunes.

My In-Transit Tips


Before you go on your trip, I'd highly recommend installing Uber or some of the other ride-sharing apps like BlaBla car for Paris. Though you'll need a wifi connection or data in order to use them, this will make your transportation from the airport to your hotel a lot easier and cheaper, too. I usually prefer to opt for UberPool and share my ride (and the cost) with other travellers to and from the airport.

In-Transit Stay

CitizenM stay Amsterdam

For an in-transit stay, like those one nighters with an early next-day flight out, I'd recommend staying with CitizenM or a hotel like it. We got the opportunity to stay with CitizenM, an uber futuristic, convenient, and comfortable hotel, in both Paris (at CDG airport) and Amsterdam. With CitizenM, your room is more like a pod, and you have just enough space for a quick and comfortable rest before heading out. They also offer 24 hour bar and lounge areas where you get the social aspect of a hostel with the comfort of a hotel. I particularly enjoyed the automated check-in service when I arrived.

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