Timing, A Friend or Foe


“Timing’s such a bitch.” It’s a true statement, and one that came out of my mouth earlier today, and yet I can’t help but feel a little bit bad for saying it. I’ve just never heard an intangible thing called so many bad names before.

Timing… You have bad timing, I have bad timing, we had bad timing, the timing was never right… timing, timing, timing.

Have we come to blame timing for the failures in our lives, or could we be correct in pointing our fingers at the clock? Timing has taken the blame for so many unfortunate events in life, and certainly seems to take the fall for the general success – or failure – of relationships. The timing was just… off. 

Sometimes it seems as if the timing within your own relationship with yourself can be off, too, or the timing within your own, independent life isn’t quite right. Nothing seems to be happening as it should, things don’t run smoothly, life becomes a battle in each and every way, one unfortunate event spurs another and before you know it you end up with one of those days.

But what if we could find a way to set our timing straight? Better yet, what if we could find a way to view our “bad timing” as just the opposite? Perhaps all of the little inconveniences in life and small delays that seem to pile up without reason are actually doing just that – setting our timing straight.

This is how I’ve come to look at my life now, and though it’s a work in progress, it’s become a practice that helps me in at least one way (even if my perception of viewing bad timing instead as “good timing in progress” is complete and utter nonsense). This way of viewing my life helps me to feel good. It helps me to avoid feeling annoyed, frustrated, or irritated. It keeps the anxiety at bay, and it puts a positive spin on each and every tiny, earthly nuisance I encounter.

By viewing the annoying and frustrating moments in life this way, I find it easy to walk away from them, unscathed, with a smile on my face and a chuckle at the moment’s expense. And perhaps it could be my growing positivity, but it seems as though these kinds of reactions – the ones that are opposite to what you’d expect – have a way of setting the timing straight again.

I suppose timing, as intangible as it may be, is just like any other enemy or foe we’ve ever known. It seems like a bitch until you get to know it, and then with a glance of mutual understanding, it suddenly becomes your friend.