The Stone of Magic


Guess what guys? Today I got to play dress up at my friends studio, where we gushed over Alexis Farrington Jewelry. Not only are these special, boasting one of my favorite gemstones, blue labradorite, which is also nicknamed the 'stone of magic' for its magnetic properties, but these beautiful pieces are also made local here in Vancouver... and you know what a fan I am of that! I wasn't always super spiritual or anything. It's just that sometimes you wonder... is there more to this life?? And then you start noticing insane, impossible coincidences. You have thoughts, both waking and in your dreams, that come true the very next day. And then, perhaps, you take off to another continent to wander around foreign streets in searching of that something you feel so strongly exists. You become a yogi and you learn the benefits of deep breathing and meditation. You begin to understand mindfulness and presence. You see, suddenly, the correlation between your thoughts and your material life – and then, finally, you fall in love with gemstones and their magical powers.

Blue labradorite is said to awaken one's intuition, awareness, and psychic abilities – so, maybe I'll sleep in my Alexis Farrington Jewelry and hope to teleport in my dreams tonight to some amazing, totally badass future world.

Stay amazing!

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Gorgeous jewelry c/o Alexis Farrington Jewelry. Top: Paegan Ritual Jeans: H&M