The Millennial Hotel

IMG_0190-e1479839708664.jpg We had the opportunity to stay with CitizenM Hotel in New York City, and I absolutely fell in love with this Millennial-focused place, which combines all of the best aspects of each of the hotels I've virtually ever stayed at. After watching my video review of CitizenM Hotel, you'll notice my favorite parts of staying here, which include:

  • Self check-in at their welcome stations, which means no more long, daunting arrivals; it's the quickest, easiest arrival experience I've ever had at any hotel.
  • Friendly staff who are welcoming and helpful. As you know, this can make all the difference in your vacation experience. It's just nice to be treated well.
  • "Pod-like" rooms that are very space conscious and efficient. I didn't realize how little I need large rooms when traveling. CitizenM rooms encourage that minimalist vibe I think we are all striving for, and are still extremely organize and efficient.
  • Ipad controlled rooms. This is probably the most forward-thinking idea I've come across in the tourism industry in a long time. The lighting, sounds, blinds, "moods" etc. of each of the rooms are controlled with an iPad, which conveniently offer a personalized welcome greeting, just to you.
  • Free movies. Let's face it: sometimes traveling can get tiring and you just want to stay in with a good flick. At CitizenM, you get 2 free movies per day.
  • Included buffet breakfast. The buffet breakfast goes until 11am (thank goodness) and is suuuuper delicious – plus you can get yourself a fresh cappuccino from the bar.
  • Super comfy beds. They speak for themselves.
  • A funny atmosphere. You can get lost in humour reading the descriptions on their shampoo bottles and the quotes on their hallways. As a past writer myself, I really appreciate the talent of their copywriter and overall branding.CitizenM Hotelreview of CitizenM Hotel in NYC

Check out CitizenM on your next trip. They have locations in New York City, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London, Glasgow and Paris.