The Life of a Digital Influencer with Sidebuy


If you've followed my journey towards the creation of Love, Alexa, you know that I initially started my blog with one simple outcome in mind: to have a platform to share all of the content I was writing that was otherwise going unshared and unread.

I thought, during my earliest days as a 'blogger,' that I wanted to be a writer. As a matter of fact, I can clearly recall loathing the word blogger, particularly when it was used in reference to me. I wanted to be called a writer, and never did I want to be referred to as a blogger, a digital, undefined and seemingly purposeless title.

But, I was wrong. Over the years as my blog developed into what it is today, and the entire world of marketing transformed to favor bloggers and essentially wipe out writers, there became not only a stronger demand for me to embrace my title as 'blogger' but also much more opportunity in doing so. Suddenly brands starting reaping the proven benefits of embracing bloggers with influence marketing campaigns. Suddenly any girl could create her own audience and become a model in her own right, free of the barriers of height and waist measurements. (Interestingly enough, the top fashion brands are now hiring real life models not just based on their appearance and skills – but also their Instagram followings!). It's a digital, socially influenceable world we live in, and bloggers are more relevant than ever.

So my official career as blogger began, needless to say, and quickly thereafter, my life as a digital influencer with Sidebuy took off as well. 

Bridging the gap between bloggers (digital influencers) and the brands who want to use them in their influence marketing campaigns, Sidebuy fills a need I quickly realized I wanted. While I might be business savvy in my own way, I'm a creative person, not a salesperson, and working with Sidebuy has allowed me to focus on the fun part of my blogger title. Plus, their mobile platform and analytics tools makes the technical part of the blogger-brand relationship that much simpler. I get matched with relevant brands who measure and track the performance of the campaign, and finally I get to see who my readers are!

I'm so excited to be teaming up with Sidebuy for Vancouver Fashion Week coming up next week! You can catch me watching and reporting on shows, both here on Love, Alexa, and on Sidebuy's Instagram account. The life of a digital influencer with Sidebuy has just gotten that much more exciting... and fashionable!

Oh, and guess what else?! We're giving away a VFW SS16 pass to one lucky winner!


Prize: VFW SS16 show pass (any show-winner’s choice)

Requirements to enter:

  1. Follow @sidebuyers on Instagram
  2. Tag one friend in the comment section of this list

The giveaway will run until Sunday September 27th and the results will be announced Monday, September 28th at 10:00 am.

Good luck!