The Floral


So maybe it's a bit narcissistic of me to be (a) wearing (b) modelling and (c) blogging about my own designs, but I'm doing it anyways for one, simple reason: it's authentic. I'm doing all of the above, and also pursuing this as a business, to perpetuate that feeling I had when I slipped on the very first skirt (little did I know it would become my first Sutie Skirt) back in Budapest after having taught myself to sew for a few months. I want every woman to feel that way. 

And we're almost there! I wanted to share with you all my floral Sutie Skirt, which has yet to be named, which will be an exclusive print in our launch collection.

PS. I kind of screamed when I saw my label sewn in for the first time... and so did some of my fabulous, amazing friends. (ie. cheerleaders).

Love you all!

DSC_9260 floral-sutie-skirts floral-sutie-skirts DSC_9293 DSC_9315DSC_9402 DSC_9404floral-sutie-skirts


PS. Our website isn't live yet, but you can follow us on Instagram to watch for launch news!

PPS. These amazing photos are compliments of my lovely, talented friend Allyfotografy.