Sweets of Vancity


For those of you who follow me, you know I love my sweets. I generally like to document this ongoing love affair of mine through my instagram, which may make you drool, but this time I needed to do a feature here because these sweets are something special.

On my rise to the top - ie. giving back through small gestures like religiously tossing a loonie into the street musician's guitar case - I've now found myself entertaining perhaps more powerful humanitarian acts like physically fundraising for charities. And what better way to do so than through a bake sale, where all of my favourite sweets of Vancity can come together and be delicious all in one place?

A HUGE thanks goes out to these local bakeries and drool-worthy establishments who made this day possible - we raised some fabulous funds for a seriously fabulous cause.

sweets-of-vancity-1 IMG_9841 sweets-of-vancity-2 IMG_9849 IMG_9878 IMG_9886 IMG_9894 IMG_9897 IMG_9908 IMG_9971IMG_9928IMG_9972 IMG_9973sweets-of-vancity

The best drool-worthy sweets of Vancity:

Donuts by Cartems Donuterie Icecream cone cake pops by The Sweet Alley Gluten-Free Goods by Lemonade Bakery Mini Pies by The Pie Hole Mini Cupcakes by Mancakes Bakery