Destiny and Sunsets in Puerto Vallarta


Perhaps it is my true life's destiny to watch the sun set. According to my life coach, Martha Beck, (whom I'd recently adopted in novel format) I'd found my destiny in a simple moment upon my arrival to Puerto Vallarta. Watching the sunset while the waves crashed at my feet, my inner compass came alive and pointed directly towards the horizon. Or at least it felt that way.

So what's my deal with sunsets?

I've never heard anyone say they don't care for sunsets, especially the water color painting kind that took over the sky on my first night in Mexico. But I've never quite met anyone who was so enamoured by them as I've grown to be over the past few years.

And why is it that, when walking the beach - whether hand-in-hand or hand on coconut - I'm always able to find that inner stillness I so yearn to find in other aspects of my life? Is it the alluring sound of the waves, the comfort of the sand beneath my feet? Is it the reminder of how small I really am next to the giant ocean?

Maybe it is the expansive beach itself. The scenery that gives space to breathe and reflect... even with thousands of tourists admiring it.

Is this my inner "me" telling me I must always live on the West Coast, nearest sunset?

Or is this simply my way of telling myself to continue exploring and enjoying the simple, most beautiful things in life?

I can't yet say anything for sure, even after watching six more sunsets in Puerto Vallarta.

Okay maybe I can say one thing: this particular sunset has my heart, totally and completely.

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