Socklings: A Nameless Item That Will Diversify Your Fashion


It's winter. Does that really mean I have to pack away these open backed ballerina flats? A couple of years ago I would have answered this question with "Yes, unless you want to freeze your feet off." But with some stroke of magical luck, I stumbled across a valuable piece of insight that would render a solution to this seasonal issue. And not just for myself, but for women across the world (at any degree north or south of the equator).

I was in Budapest when it first came to me. At first I was confused, although delighted. On the streets of Budapest, not a woman in sight exposed any part of her foot. Instead virtually every female foot in the street was bound in nylon of different colours and patterns. But with pants. "Hmmm… are they wearing nylons AND pants?" I questioned.

And as with many styles of footwear - be it those ballerina flats, or virtually any type of stiletto heel - the style demands a chilly, exposed top-of-foot area. Sadly, aside from the awkward "socks and heels" fad that has come and (most likely) already gone, there has been no other solution presented to the women of the world who cling onto their summer footwear even as the snow begins to fall.

Here's the solution: they're like stockings - or nylons - which we're all aware of, but they're in sock form, only reaching partway up your ankle like normal socks so you can easily wear them with pants. They're hard to find, but it's possible to accumulate them in all colours and patterns. They don't have a name, as far as I'm aware, so for all intensive purposes, we can call them "socklings."

Socklings are the solution, ladies, to any ensemble that includes a flat shoe or high heels and pants. This secret little addition not only adds individuality and flare to your look, but also has a practical purpose: socklings help your feet avoid the detrimental blisters and swelling from rubbing, they keep your feet warm, and they ensure that you'll never have to walk barefooted on any type of unpleasant or unknown surface.

Oh, and of course, socklings are the solution to keeping your favourite summer footwear around for more than one season. I won't argue that a thin piece of nylon will get you through piles of snow in summer flats, but I WILL argue that they will help you integrate your summer footwear into your wardrobe even when travelling in the very wet winter months in London, England. I know because, well, I'm here. And so are my ballerina flats, and of course, my ever praised socklings.

So, now that you're in the know - where can you buy some?

Truthfully, they aren't easy to find. I picked up my first batch of socklings at the chinese markets in Budapest, and later back in Canada struggled to find them anywhere. Eventually they turned up in Top Shop, and doing an Amazon or Ebay search can sometimes render some good results (although the namelessness of this item can be a nuisance!). Here in London, I picked up a few unique pairs at Calzedonia, all on sale, and oh my god - so worth it.

I couldn't be happier to have introduced socklings to my daily look. Sometimes just a little piece of fabric can open worlds of opportunity for your comfort and for your fashion alike.