Silver Linings at Whytecliff Park


Let's face it: life is shitty sometimes. And, since, during these times it becomes a lot more difficult to be assuaged away from your feelings of sadness with quotes that point out the brightness of the stars amidst the darkness of the sky, these quotes and the like still have a very valid point.

Point being, it's the shitty times in life that really add perspective and depth when we look back on our memories, and somehow, with time, even the hardest of times lose their sting when they become a memory. Sometimes, even, it's the hardest times in our lives that we can look on with the most fondness, spewing with gratitude and perspective for having gotten through it, and knowing better than ever before that it wasn't that bad after all.

So keep on moving forward, even when times are tough, and watch out for the silver lining: it's always somewhere.

View at Whytecliff Park VancouverGirl at Whytecliff Park in VancouverSunset at Whytecliff Park in Vancouver


I've been going through something incredibly tricky and – quite frankly – paralyzing for the past couple of weeks, but I've found the silver lining... almost everywhere. Ironically enough, it wasn't until an unfortunate event occurred in my life that I realized just how loved I really am. I didn't even know how many loving, warm and supportive friends I have in my corner – and that is definitely a star worth enduring some darkness for.

Plus, the darkness has pushed me to search for stars (and more silver linings) with trips like this one to Whytecliff Park, where yet again I got in touch with myself and enjoyed a soul-rejuvenating sunset.

PS. I also just HAVE to thank Coach for brightening my day (on their own birthday!) with this beautiful monogrammed saddle bag, which I'm really ecstatic fits all my camera gear. You guys are the best.

Love you – and silver line on, my dearests.