Seattle Love


I've always loved Seattle, better known as Vancouver's friendlier, American twin sister (coined by me). But it wasn't until my most recent trip down, during which I spent a week working on a contract gig with ReachNow (a swaggy Seattlite carshare program with a fleet of amazing BMWs), that I really came to realize how little I actually knew Seattle after all.

I guess I just loved the idea of Seattle, but after staying in an AirBnb loft in Capitol Hill, driving around the city (including neighbourhoods like Pioneer Square and Alki Beach that I'd yet to discover), and eating at some amazing local restaurants, I feel like I'm finally qualified to make the statement:

Seattle is amazing!

Of course, it wouldn't have been the same without my sidekick and good friend, Marissa of Stil Classics, by my side (#AMTAKESEATTLE). We had a wonderful week working together, away from home, and finding the odd moments to play here and there of course too.

Here are my tips for your next Seattle trip!


Staying in Seattle in an Airbnb

Working from home in Seattle

If you can manage, stay at an Airbnb in Capitol Hill like we did. Capitol Hill is a really trendy neighbourhood where you can easily walk to a number of restaurants, clubs, bars and even stumble upon some live music if you're lucky. We got a great loft with plenty of natural light, both great for working and photography. Become an AirBnb host here.


Scout at Thompson Hotel is incredible. Like seriously – mouth-watering incredible. I honestly think this may have been one of the best meals I've ever eaten.

Skout at Thompson Hotel Seattle Skout at Thompson Hotel Seattle

Alternatively, Goldfinch Tavern at the Four Seasons offers something a little special. Here we were treated to the "Trust the Chef" concept where we literally did just that! I love to eat, but I'm not exactly a foodie per se, so this option took the ease off and let us sit back and relax, and enjoy the incredible food.

Trust the Chef at Goldfinch Tavern Seattle Trust the Chef at Goldfinch Tavern Seattle

Aside from the obvious attractions in Seattle – Pike Place Market, the infamous gum wall, the boardwalk – you might even find yourself jumping on a ferry to an island you never knew existed, alongside some of your closest friends.

IMG_7872 IMG_7896

Oh, and PS, be sure to checkout ReachNow for when you're in town – you won't believe the kinds of vehicles you can get yourself into for nothing more than your average smartcar car share!

ReachNow Seattle

All in all, I had such a wonderful time and found that this Seattle staycation (or thereabouts) was just what I needed – a boost in my career, my friendship, and maybe even my soul.

Be sure to check out Marissa's blog post here and view our collective #AMTAKESEATTLE gallery here.