Road Tripping: Making the Moments that Matter


Having a car is such an annoying pain in the ass, isn't it? I grew up in the burbs, where getting a car when you get your license at 16 or 17 is the norm, and I never imagined I could live a life without a car. This is part of the reason why I put up with engine failures, overpriced oil changes, and over-heating episodes several times too frequently. But not having access to a car means you're going to miss out on things... important things... right? zipcar vancouver

A Car-Free Lifestyle; Not Missing Out

I'm happy to say I've rid myself of the burden of car ownership, but I'm still able to make the important events in my life and family because of carsharing. When I went away to Europe for a while, I decided I could use the money that my pre-owned Honda Civic symbolized, so I sold it and added to my travel fund. When I returned home about a year later, I was so used to living in the most central parts of the cities that I visited that I naturally decided to move right downtown in Vancouver. I had anticipated purchasing a car once I got my feet on the ground, but by the time my feet were on the ground, I had realized I didn't actually need a car anymore. And, even if I did, I'd have nowhere to put it.

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Carsharing: How did that happen?

One of the funniest parts of my "car story" is that I am now tied to car sharing much more intrinsically than just being a member. I've actually done a lot of work in the carsharing industry, having been introduced to it by my first carsharing client (movmi) who started with us a couple of years ago, and I've learned everything there is to know throughout the process. Through movmi, I've also had the opportunity to travel to create content for various carsharing programs, too. And knowing the good that the carshare industry is doing for our planet, it's really hard for me to ever justify car ownership again. What's great about carsharing, though, is that you can ensure you are available and present for the most precious moments in life – like driving up to Ashcroft to be present for your dad's 65th birthday.

zipcar vancouver

Why I love Zipcar

I'm a member of almost all of the station-based and freefloating carshare programs in Vancouver, but I love Zipcar for several major reasons.

  • You can travel with Zipcar: I recently discovered that I can use my Zipcar membership when I travel in the US and Canada, which is just... incredible. No more waiting in car rental lineups and being duped by the attendant who manages to talk you into pointless insurance fees. Literally all you have to do is swipe your card on the dash. Voila! I used my Zipcar membership in Honolulu and it definitely 10X'd our trip.
  • Zipcar is super affordable: I've seen rates as low as $8/hour, including gas and insurance, which just makes the concept of  regular carsharing so much more feasible.
  • You can get all types of vehicles: Like our winter-ready SUV that made driving up to Ashcroft albeit a mud slide on HWY 1 possible, Zipcar has so many different types of vehicles available. Even big vans for your moving days or luxury cars for your fancier endeavours.

I'm really grateful that I discovered the option of carsharing – and the lifestyle – years ago. It's allowed me to live a consciously sustainable life while still have the best of both worlds – convenience and access to all the moments that matter most.

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