Road Tripping Around Oahu


Ohhhhhhau. How I love thee. How you never get old, you see, near or far, so many dreams of being island me. Your shores so warm, you sand so soft, your island studded with beauty and... bees? I digress. But I do love Ohau so much, it almost makes me want to attempt to write poetry. Which, as you can see, is not such a great idea.

This past trip to Oahu was for work, so I got to bring along my business partner/travel buddy/favourite person/one of my dearest friends, Ally, and we spent a week gallivanting around the island, eating delicious foods, touching "tourist" destinations on the island we'd never seen before, having naps on the beach at 4pm, going to bed at 8pm because we're elderly, and even enjoying a very Hawaiian/very not Hawaiian show/magic show.

There was, of course, never a time during this week where we didn't have a camera or video camera in our hands, but creating content is not only our job, it's our passion! So where better to explore one's passion than Oahu? 

If you've had a trip to Oahu before but didn't leave Waikiki, shame on you! Lol. But no, really, you should leave Waikiki, because you may as well be in Vegas or LA or any other major American city with high-end shopping and overwhelming amounts of people.

That's not to say that there aren't great people, restaurants (Duke's, eh ehm), and entertainment in the heart of Waikiki, but still: there's no Pali lookout, no Hanauma Bay, no sea turtles, no ridiculously long and humid hikes, or long winding roads through pineapple plantations in Waikiki. There are, however, all of these things, if you simply get your hands on a steering wheel and just go.

If you're elderly like us, you might want to find a way to fuel yourselves and feel young again. We did this with Bulletproof Coffee's new Cold Brew... which gives you instant brain energy like HELLO YOUTH! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING?

So... anyway... here are my favourite photos from the week – to be honest there are a bagillion more, but who has the time? I've listed my recommendations for Oahu down below, and you can also check out my previous post on discovering Oahu here.


Where to eat on Oahu:

Where to go on Oahu:

  • Pali Lookout – VIEWS! (And hens with baby chickens, if you're lucky)
  • Hanauma Bay – SNORKELLING! (Yes, you have to pay to get in and watch a short video, but it's worth it. I think. I suck at snorkelling)
  • Moana Falls – A SWEATY, HUMID HIKE! (I wouldn't have high hopes of waterfall bathing once you get up there, but still quite beautiful all the way through)
  • More suggestions here

What to pack for Oahu:

  • Sunglasses, obviously. I recommend prescription if you wear glasses. My go-to is Clearly.
  • Bikinis! My go-to is Bikini Village.
  • A beach towel. It's nice to have your own. Or pick one up from the ABC store!