Ringing in 2017


If you could do one thing with 2017, what would it be?

This is the question that came to mind as I sat on Pacific Beach in San Diego about to ring in 2017, the New Year just on the horizon. What will I do with 2017, and what would I do if I could only do one thing?


When you look at your life from ahead, a backwards glance thrown over your shoulder, you may begin to realize that each year has brought one significant change to you, albeit many small ones and perhaps several medium-sized ones. Though in the moment it can feel like everything is changing, I've begun to recognize a pattern that each passing year seems to have a particular theme, bringing one significant transformation.

For me, I would say my transformation of 2016 was love. And that encompasses all aspects of love – romance, self-love, friends, family – as well as a deeper enrichment and understanding about what the "L-word" really means.

What was your transformation of 2016, and what is before you in 2017?

I think in order to get a really clear understanding of where you are headed in 2017, you need to ask yourself some good questions. I've created this video below during our trip to San Diego with Skyscanner; take note of what comes to mind from the questions I ask throughout it.

Who is Skyscanner?

skyscanner app

Skyscanner is my biggest travel secret for getting deals, which often dictates whether I'm able to go on a trip or not. This is exactly what happened for our New Year's trip. Initially we wanted to go to Mexico, but we found flights to be outrageously priced and 20+ hours.

By using the Skyscanner app – which I adore – we were able to find super affordable, direct flights to San Diego instead, changing our could-have-been into a wonderful reality.

I use the Skyscanner App to: 

  • Find the cheapest places to fly all around the world. Not sure where to travel to next but want to stay within a particular budget? Then the Skyscanner app is for you. Simply choose "everywhere" for your destination and peruse flight prices all around the world.
  • Find the cheapest dates to fly for fixed or flexible dates. Whether you have fixed dates in mind or want to travel within a given month, Skyscanner will give you prices for both, allowing you choose specific dates to save you money. I absolutely love this feature because it works so well with my flexible schedule.
  • Both of the above at once. I find that the Skyscanner app gives me the ability to be super spontaneous with my travels. I can select "everywhere" for my destination and the month of May, for example, and have endless opportunities to travel within my budget.

With these tools at my fingertips, I know that travel will remain a high priority for me in 2017, as I hope it will for you too. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel if you haven't already, I've got some really great videos on the horizon!