Reaching the Starting Line of Sutie Skirts


I honestly can't believe this day has arrived. It's sooo crazy when something you've been working towards for so long suddenly arrives, and then you're like 'woooooahhh, I'm not ready for this!'

But let's face it: if I'm judging my preparedness based on the level of fear I'm feeling at any given moment, I'll never be ready. And since the best way to learn is to do, I'm jumping in with both feet.

Sutie Skirts pre-launch has arrived!

I stumbled upon the concept of Sutie Skirts during one of the happiest times of my life, when I was holed up in my apartment in Budapest teaching myself how to sew. I always wanted to learn fashion design, to be able to physically create my own clothing, but as the typical psychologically ingrained fears would have it, I gave myself all kinds of excuses as to why I couldn't.

But then I started traveling and learning all about incredible, powerful things like the law of attraction, at which point my world took an entirely different turn. I decided on passion nearly two years ago to the day, and I haven't looked back since.

So I stand here in this moment with equal parts gratitude and trepidation. After an entire year of learning all of the processes to bring a concept to life, I've finally reached the starting line.

Though I'd be lying if I said I were free of my fears, I can genuinely say I've never been more grateful in my life. For the first time, I've successfully completed something I set out to do. I've reached the starting line.

Today is the day. Today is the day that my dream, Sutie Skirts, takes flight.

Thank you to everyone, all of my incredible and loving supporters and dear friends, who have made this day and this entire journey possible. You are the absolute coolest human beings ever.

Love, love, and more love!

And, of course, you can now shop! Sutie Skirts.

The best part is, this journey is only just beginning.

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