Poolside Beauty in my Triangl Bikini


In preparation for some good, solid pool time this past weekend, I knew I needed to have my beauty bases covered – and instead of fussing with makeup, hair, and a manicure that would withstand the splish-splash that was bound to ensue, I knew what I needed to do. I received my Triangl bikini in the mail, and after obsessing over the packaging – I'm about to create my own – I began marvelling over what I found inside. This isn't just any other bikini – this is the most solid bikini I've ever put on... seriously! To my delight, it fit perfectly, and the material (so sturdy!) left me feeling totally prepped and ready to hit the pool. Ain't no amount of splashing gunna phase this baby!


The hair, style: I'm a sucker for next-day, effortless looking waves, so instead of worrying about my do that morning, I threw some curls in the night before jumped in bed. My secret? I don't use any hairspray, at all, and I make sure my hair is freshly washed and 100% blow dried. I wrap my tousles around the barrel, top down, and then scrunch the curl in my hand to let it set for a moment and give it some extra bounce.

The hair, color: I'm also a sucker for effortless, natural-looking color, and to be completely honest with you guys, I haven't touched my color in over a year! But... it was time, and since the summer season was just right for the look I was after, I made a visit to the lovely Zennkai Hair Salon where I was treated like absolute gold – and then some golden tones, balayage style, were ever-so-effortlessly added to my locks. Everywhere except the top layer... au natural!


The mani and pedi: Nothing is worse than chipped nail polish. Actually, nothing is worth than being stuck indoors waiting for your nails to dry while the pool beckons to you outside. While I always admire long nails on other gals, again, I decided the natural look was much more my style – and much safer for the splish splash. A few cups of warm tea and a couple hours of pampering later at Eccotique Salon, I left totally relaxed with a fresh gel mani and pedi. I chose neutral for the hands, and bright lobster orange for the toes!

triangl-swim-beauty-2 triangl-swim-beauty-3

The lashes: Okay, so, have you ever noticed that your lashes are the most time-consuming part of your beauty regimen? Okay, now imagine them being perfect – absolutely perfect! – from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, no time involved! I made a visit to Noir Lash Lounge, which turned out to be an incredible investment of my time. Thanks to these beautiful lashes, I was able to hit the pool, make-up free, and still feel just as beautiful as if I'd spent an hour in front of the mirror.

PS. They have many options for lashes, but I went with the Mink Cleolashtra Fabulash full set with the faux natural, medium curl.

Triangl-Bikini-4  _MG_4781triangl-swim-beauty-6

All in all, my beauty prep for my poolside relaxation (and a touch of fun) was one of the best beauty decisions I've ever made... all of which complimented my new Triangl bikini in the most flattering of ways!

Bikini: C/O Triangl