Photo Diary: Summer at Elisabeth Bridge


It was a beautifully sunny, summer day in Budapest, and I was ready to see it in fashion. Dressed in one of my most recent designs, which encompassed a look out of the nineties that I'd become addicted to - matching sets - I took to the streets, stopping at my favourite sights around the city. Margaret Bridge, which is just one of the many beautiful structures offering safe passageway for commuters across the Danube River, is nestled perfectly in the city. With my recently purchased tulips (which I imagined would help bring summer indoors, too) I stopped at this beautiful, modern white structure to snap some photos of the city, my design, and me - hoping to catch the happiness and joy in each!

With my hair pulled back in braids, my feet soothed by my comfortable flats, and my accessories demure with jewelry from my loved ones back home, I let the summer day take me away... feeling more like myself than I had in a while!

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Outfit: Halter crop top, jacquard shorts and short-sleeve cardigan set - created & designed by Alexa Suter

Atmosphere: Elisabeth Bridge, Budapest, Hungary