Outside of Vegas


The most hilarious part about finally making it outside of Vegas? The fact that it took me 9 trips (if I counted correctly) to make this happen. This time we planned for it though, and even though the Grand Canyon didn't turn out for us (more on that later) we did find some incredible locations to shoot for my favorite Vancouver-local gemstone jewelry line OhKuol along the way. I've been obsessed with their jewelry for quite some time, especially because each gemstone or crystal has a particular purpose, and brings with it an individual array of crystal healing. I've been wearing my citrine (success stone) ring from OhKuol for a little while and I have to say – I'm pretty sure it's working!

We created this video to highlight the versatility and diversity of the pieces, each of which we shot in different locations scouted whimsically on our journey from Las Vegas through Utah and into Arizona.

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What I'm Wearing:

Jewelry: OhKuol Glasses: Derek Cardigan X Camilla d’Errico Outfits: Mine & Yours/Alex Harper


Videography by: Allyfotografy