NYC, the City of Dreams


The moment we arrived in NYC, the City of Dreams, it was as if we'd been transported to not only the epicentre of fashion, but also a higher-vibration of localized energy. It's like the moment you see the gigantic buildings of Manhattan coming into view from your window seat, you can't help but smile. Our flight in, with the help of Expedia, was more than comfortable, making that 'Ah, New York!' moment all the more enjoyable. We got settled into our swaggy Airbnb apartment, showered up, and were quickly ready to hit the town. There's nothing like strolling the streets of New York after a long flight, feeling energized just by the buzz of life – regardless of one's lack of sleep over the past 36 hours. NYFW was about to ensue!

But aside from the fashion, which you'll discover more of here, there was so much more to see and breathe in. And, somehow, amongst the craziness of it all, I was blessed with a relaxing (if fleeting) moment of reflection. Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge or roaming the streets of Manhattan, gazing at the skyscrapers overhead, I instantly understood where NYC's most suitable nickname came from. In the City of Dreams, nothing is impossible.

nyfw-city-of-dreamscity-of-dreams city-of-dreams-1 city-of-dreams-2 IMG_0455 city-of-dreams-3 IMG_0542 IMG_0648 IMG_0681 IMG_0709 IMG_0734 city-of-dreams-4 IMG_0780IMG_0700 city-of-dreams-5 IMG_0818 IMG_0840 city-of-dreams-6 IMG_0869 city-of-dreams-7 IMG_0881 IMG_0892 IMG_0895 city-of-dreams-8 city-of-dreams-9 IMG_0940 city-of-dreams-10 IMG_0955 IMG_0962 city-of-dreams-11 IMG_1008 city-of-dreams-12 IMG_1087 city-of-dreams-13 city-of-dreams-14 IMG_1157