My Rag and Bone Power Blazer


Every girl needs a power blazer. Correction. Every woman needs a power blazer. It can be tricky to navigate the business world as a young woman. And what you put on can make the most of difference in how you feel, in your level of confidence when you enter a business meeting, and in how successful or professional you might rate yourself, your performance, or your day.

Though I love shoes, like most women do, I've never found a pair of stilettos particularly liberating or confidence-building. But there's just something about a black power blazer that does the trick...

I was recently invited by Nordstrom Vancouver to shop their latest Rag & Bone collection, and couldn't deny how awesome I felt the moment I slipped this staple piece – something I know I'll own forever and something that will hopefully get me through some successful business moments to come with confidence and grace. The very next day I attended the Rag & Bone event and got to meet the designers of the uber successful label. Needless to say, I haven't felt so starstruck and confidence all at once in a very, very long time.

Thanks Nordstrom!

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Blazer: Rag & Bone Accessories: Colleen Poitras