My New York Favorites


Well, I aspired to visit the one and only New York City virtually all my life – ever since I was not so old enough to be watching Sex and the City – and this year I made this dream a reality... times five! Yep, five times to NYC in one year, starting on New Years Eve, and perhaps even another one to come before 2015 is up. (I like to travel by the seat of my pants when the moment takes me, and I am SUPER lucky to be able to do so because I work remotely, yahoo!).

Sidenote: My boyfriend lives in New York, which is how I've accumulated so many trips to the amazing city in such a short time. For this reason, I won't be able to point you towards any accommodations. I digress.

My New York Favorites

A Stroll Over the Brooklyn Bridge


This is an obvious one but I'm often surprised at how frequently travelers play down this experience and just don't end up getting around to it. I'll tell you from experience: make a stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge a priority and you will not be disappointed. Plus it's an easy combination that will lead you to...

Brooklyn Bridge Park


Attention photographers! I took the time on my latest trip to visit Brooklyn Bridge Park and was wowed by the a glance at the city from a whole new perspective – literally. You come to realize that Manhattan is actually on an island, and it's pretty amazing how such a seemingly small amount of space can hold such a collection of towering, almost intimidating structures.

Laduree in Soho

The most amazing! If you have a sweet tooth like mine and are a fan of macarons, definitely take the time to visit Laduree in Soho. The second location in Manhattan which is actually a full-on restaurant, sit in the beautiful garden-like patio in the back when it's warm or inside the fancy French cafe when it's cold.

Live Jazz at Gramercy Park Hotel

Fan of jazz? Yes, you can find jazz music just about anywhere (including the subway stations) but you won't find jazz quite like this anywhere but the Gramercy Park Hotel. Shhh, you didn't hear it from me.

The Sprinkles ATM Machine on Lexington


I will never stop being amazed when a cupcake is delivered to me out of an ATM machine. Not in Los Angeles, not in New York, not anywhere! If you feel the same, definitely stop by the Sprinkles on Lexington Ave.

Top of the Rock


Another tourist destination that honestly does NOT disappoint for a second. Even if I lived in New York year-round, I'd likely make it a point to go to the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center at least a couple times a year. The view... the view is just something else.

Washington Square Park

And since Central Park is just too much of an obvious pointer (which is truly wonderful, especially if you get lucky enough to enjoy from a horse carriage), I'll instead point you towards Washington Square Park, where you'll find a bubbling water fountain and an Arc de Triomphe-esque gateway. You'll likely find some live performances by the locals, as well as some kick ass jazz... if you can be wowed by a two-trumpet, one mouth situation... which surely you can!

Well there you have it: just a small handful of some of my favorite experiences from my time spent in New York this year. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay(s).