My Most (and Least) Favorite Parts About Owning a Clothing Line


Running a clothing line is seriously a dream-come-true. I know a lot of you probably dream about starting your own clothing line, too. I mean, what girl wouldn't want to design clothes for a living, right? I know, it's still kind of surreal for me! Here are my most (and least) favorite parts about a clothing line, featuring some shots from my recent Valentine's Day photo shoot with Sutie Skirts.

Ps. Happy February!

Favorite: Getting to do photo shoots, yay! Not so: Having to edit photos, yikes.

Valentine's day photo shoot model in pink skirt

Hairstyle with ribbon for valentines day

Organizing and being involved in photo shoots on the regular is one of my favorite parts about owning a clothing line because it is a great way to really leverage so many creative outlets at once. I love getting to meet models, work with photographers, and direct the vibe and look of the shoot from behind the lens. But I must admit, I'm often the one photographing a model or modeling myself!

Favorite: Getting to meet so many wonderful people! Not so: Spending so much time working solo.

Girl smiling with roses valentine's day

I've found that owning a clothing line is a great door to meet so many amazing people. I've been honoured to meet talented models, photographers, graphic designers, working professionals, and other fashion designers on this journey.

Favorite: Designing and creating a new piece! Not so: Spending 3+ hours at my sewing machine.

Model wearing pink skirt valentine's day

I love holing up in my apartment to design and create new pieces, and I particularly love playing around with new fabrics and ideas. But I tend to get a little obsessed, and before I know it, I've been at my sewing machine for 3 hours and I suddenly realize I haven't eaten!

Favorite: Marketing and showcasing skirts online! Not so: Dealing with operations like manufacturing and shipping.

Girl taking a photo

When it comes to the actual job, marketing the skirts online is by far the most fun. But dealing with the operational side of things is definitely not my favorite.

Are you wanting to start your own line? If so, pleeeeease feel free to reach out to me – I'd love to be of help in any way I can!

Love you guys, thanks for reading!

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BIG LOVE to those who collaborated on this shoot! Photography: Allyfotografy Hair and Makeup: Gems Hair & Makeup and Sabrina Fetterkind Model: Taylor Hui