My Favourites of Waikiki, Oahu


A solo trip to Waikiki was just what I needed to get my spirits back, and I got much, much more than I bargained for on this trip. Luckily, I didn't spend the entire time on Waikiki Beach, and instead made sure to get outside the area to explore a bit. If you're heading to Waikiki, be sure you do the same! Here are my highlights.

Kailua and Lanikai Beach


At an hour and half by bus, this may seem like a bit of a trek. But trust me: it’s well worth the investment of your time! Plus the bus ride through the mountains are a site to behold in themselves, and once you arrive at the expansive and calm crystal blue waters of Kailua, you’ll be in love! Continue a little further up the road to Lanikai Beach for an even more exclusive paradise. There’s plenty of opportunities to eat in the town before heading back on the bus.

Pillbox Hiking Trail


Ready to challenge yourself with some sweaty exercise before plunging in the crystal blue waters of Lanikai Beach below? Get a seriously decadent view of the island from the top level of the Pillbox Hiking Trail. Just be sure to lather up in SPF to avoid the most ridiculous tan lines of your life… and of course jump for a photo once you reach the top!

Morning Yoga on Waikiki Beach


I’m not a morning person, but I am a yoga person, and there’s something about being on vacation that always urges me to rise earlier than usual – perhaps the three hour time difference helped me out too. If you’re a yogi, definitely check out the 7am yoga class on Waikiki Beach here. From the waves crashing at my feet in tree pose to the Japanese/English speaking Yoga teacher… this was by far the most memorable yoga class of my life!

Waimea Bay Beach on the North Shore


From cliff-jumping to crashing five meter waves, you’re sure to have a memorable time when visiting Waimea Beach on the North Shore. We ventured to the North Shore in search of some fabulous sites that would live up to the rumours we’d been hearing, and after stopping off for a bite to eat in the small, quaint town of Haleiwa – which we nicknamed “H-Town” for ease – we were a bit stumped as to where to go next. The waitress had the answer, and off to Waimea Bay Beach Park we went! (You won’t be disappointed, either).

Turtle Cove


Not to be confused with Turtle Bay Resort, you can stop off the highway on the way to the North Shore at Turtle Cove to see, yes you guessed it, TURTLES!!! You can also snorkel at this little cove, though the waves were a bit too crazy when I was there. The wild-life spotting made it well-worth the stop, though!

Dining at Rum Fire at Sunset


Just the most perfect way to say goodbye to Honolulu and get me on my way home – a meal at Rum Fire’s patio, overlooking Waikiki Beach and the gorgeous sunset so characteristic of this part of the world. Unforgettable.

PS. In the top image I'm wearing my Walnutte silk scarf as a sarong!