Montreal: The Best Things to Do and See


Montreal, what a place to be. I honestly didn't think it was possible to fall in love with Montreal anymore than I had during my first trip there last spring, but how wrong I was. With a July trip, we got lucky with the weather – while the locals complained that it wasn't as hot as they'd prefer after having suffered through the -30 degree winter. But we appreciated the mildness, albeit interrupted by some intense thunder storms, which allowed us to explore and truly enjoy the beauty that is Montreal. We did so many activities I probably couldn't even recount them, now less than a month after the fact, but I can assure you that live music was one of the best parts. Here's a quick recap on the best things that I can recall vividly, though!

The best things to do in Montreal:

  • Stay: I recommend staying at Hotel le Crystal for a boutique experience that is very conveniently located. I particularly loved the rooftop patio with outdoor hot tub and indoor swimming pool – it provided a great view of Montreal where we sat watching sunset behind Mont Royal. Just exquisite!
  • Eat: We learned that Montreal has the most restaurant per square capita in North America, which is no surprise granted the lifestyle there. There is definitely no shortage of great restaurants, but if you are looking to get away from the heavy poutines, I recommend trying Lola Rosa, a vegetarian restaurant that can easily convince you that you are eating meat with their creative and surprisingly filling plates.
  • Nightlife: I got to go back to my favourite supper club which I first discovered on my previous trip called Soubois, which is a really cool, glamorous underground place with awesome European music and great food. We also had a friend take us to a new club in town called Bord'Elle, which has the most beautiful design including a champagne lounge for ladies opposite a whisky bar for men.
  • Relax: Honestly the best experience ever, especially after a night of dancing, is a relaxing day at Bota Bota, a silent spa that's built right on the river in a converted ship, which boasts an amazing skyline view of Montreal. What I love about this spa, in addition to the meditative cold dunks, hot baths, lounging areas and saunas, is the slightly more social outdoor pool where you can go afterwards for a drink and a chat.

These are my top recommendations, but I'm sure that you will absolutely fall head over heels with Montreal regardless of where you end up – just as long as you avoid the winters. Enjoy!

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