Marble Minimalism: My Top Marble Picks for Home and Life


Today, my girlfriends and I sat in my living room – my new living room, which I loooove! – and pondered at something peculiar: when will marble go out of style? Marble, as you know, is suuuuper in style right now and comes in all shapes and forms. From pyjamas to coffee tables, marble is everywhere. It's sleek, it's fashioniable, and it just works. It brings that "simple yet sophisticated" vibe to your life, the one you've always been after but have never really been able to manage on your own. If I were a type of stone, I think I'd be marble, or at least I'd want to be.

Void of color and cold to the touch – that's me! Haha, just kidding. But, really, marble has got to be the most popular in school.

I digress. As you may have heard via my incessant mentions on social, I've recently outgrown and upsized from my previous apartment in the West End. While this small studio suited me just fine for a while, I knew it was time to take a leap. My boyfriend and I found the most perfect loft in Crosstown, a stone's throw from my co-working space, L'Atelier, and we became enamoured with the idea of living in this very special place.

We moved in just last weekend, but not before preparing with furniture orders and home decor arrangements months prior. My one question was: how would an adult, living in the loft of their dreams, decorate their space?

The home decor gods answered with two words: "Marble, darling," and ultimately we decided that pondering at when marble will go out of style is silly to begin with, because well, it's a simple reality that it just never will.

So here I am; a living and breathing member of the marble life, and proud of it. I've decided to round up my favourite marble picks. Minimalist marble for home and life that will add that classic yet trendy vibe to your world.


Mara Coffee Table

I arranged the new loft centred around this beautiful marble coffee table (from for just $349!)  and I'm really glad I did. Not only is it super sleek and beautiful, it's also very functional and versatile. I found it easy to match with the rest of our furniture and home decor – an easy white and black scheme.

Far from the cookie-cutter, shabby quality Ikea items I'm more used to, this table is a solid gem. Quite literally. The craftsmanship of the wooden legs is quite simply wonderful and, putting this table together (which was super easy), I just knew this table will be with us for a very, very long time. Unlike so many others in the past!

A few other things to note about Article:

  • They're a Canadian company, with their headquarters right here in Gastown. How cool is that?
  • They're direct to source, and lacking all of those additional layers of business that drive up the price, their furniture is super affordable for the high-end quality.
  • You order online; they deliver to your door. It's that easy.


Marble Article Mara Coffee Table

Marble Article Mara Coffee Table

Mara Cafe Table

Of course, I wanted to extend the beauty of this coffee table to another area of life, and our loft, so I decided to double down with this Cafe table, the perfect dining table for two. Yes, yes, we have a wonderful full-on dining table, but with just two of us on the regular, I knew we'd want something a little cozier. A place for our candle-lit dinners and morning chats over coffee. The Mara Cafe Table has answered all these prayers, and of course, it's sleek marble is just as beautiful as the coffee table. (This table is also available at for $599).

Avocado Toast on Marble Mara Cafe Table from

Marble Mara Cafe Table from

Marble Diffuser

Smell-good amazingness that also looks stylish is what I love most about my Saje Diffuser. You simply add your favourite scent and it creates a wafting aromatic atmosphere that's great for everything: working from home, relaxing at home, entertaining at home.

My friend has the same one and she brings it to our co-working space, which is also an awesome idea. Virtually nobody complains about it.

This particular marble one (unfortunately) is not available anymore, but you can get a similar one from Saje here for $74.95.

Marble Diffuser by Saje Marble Diffuser by Saje


Design Love Planner

Accessorizing and organizing with on-trend marble is also made possible with some of my favourite day-to-day goodies, like my Design Love Planner (available at for $65 USD).  Start each month off on the right foot by listing off your goals, and then keep your everyday organized and on-task with the daytimer + task lists included in this gem. PS. These also make for wonderful gifts, and as you know, virtually everybody loves marble! Throw a little geometric love in there and you've got the trendiest day planner around. Use discount code LOVEALEXA for 20% off your Design Love Planner!

Marble design love planner

Marble design love planner

STIL Phone Case

Like our toenail polish, the state of our phones now (apparently) speak volumes for our (a) cleanliness (b) fashion sense and (c) even our personalities.

So, one must take extra efforts to ensure our phones now speak for our personal style; also from for $40 USD, this simple and sleek marble phone case is hopefully shouting to the world that I'm awesome.

If that's not the case, pun intended, then I can at least verify that I love this phone case because it's thin, non-bulky, makes for easy access to the side buttons, and provides adequate protection, all while being totally on-trend with its marble. Use discount code LOVEALEXA for 20% off your marble phone case!

Marble phone case by STIL

Marble phone case by STIL

It has been a wonderful journey exploring these marble must-haves, and I am now getting to a place – both physically and mentally – where I finally feel like a minimalist, in the best way possible. Uncluttered, simplified, and structured. my life has never been better than it has since I welcomed marble into it – coincidence or not.

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