Making the Most of it


I know, I know: July in Vancouver doesn't usually involve the color black, jackets, or suede – but, hey, we've got to make the most of it. Sometimes things change, and just because we're so accustomed to sun in the summer, we've always got to remain versatile and ready to take action when things don't go as planned.

Truth be told, I wish I could be wearing dresses and sandals this month, too, but since I'm so in love with my latest black suede Garment Project runners, I can't be too upset, can I? Plus how rad is the baseball-esque jacket I recently got my paws on?

Here's to wishing on sun this July in Vancouver – or at least really, really cool kicks.

Happy Monday!

IMG_6680 IMG_6656 IMG_6647IMG_6691Wearing my Bench jacket and Garment Project sneakersIMG_6697


What I'm Wearing:

Jacket: Bench Canada Shoes: Garment Project Sunglasses: Bailey Nelson Choker: Sutie Bag: Coach