Lessons in Confidence: 3 Ways to Boost Your Inner Positivity


Confidence, in short, is your inner positivity towards yourself, which is then displayed on the outside. While confidence is a feeling, human beings are extremely adept at detecting when it's in their vicinity. Confident people are not only accepted more, but trusted more, liked more, and ultimately more destined for success. Confidence can quite actually make or break your destiny. I can't tell you exactly where the innate form of confidence comes from, but I can tell you where it doesn't: confidence is mitigated and eventually broken by activities such as bad self-talk (that inner voice that might say pretty mean things to you), counteractive habits, staying within your comfort zone and unhealthy relationships.

The good news is, no matter how confident or lacking of such you may feel at this time, there are proactive ways to build your confidence – and I've recently stumbled on a couple new ones I can't wait to share with you guys!

3 Way to Boost Your Confidence

  • Recenter your life: Every one of us has a "center" of which the rest of our lives revolve around. You may be money-centered, work-centered, family-centered, spouse-centered, or a variety of all, but more likely than not, you are self-centered. I'm reading this fantastic book right now (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) and the author encourages us to recenter our lives to be "principle-centered." In this way, you are always focused on your principles or values, and the rest of your life falls in line – the right way – as does your positivity, self-love, and confidence.
  • Focus on how you can give: I've been doing this a lot lately, too, which relates significantly to the first point. Instead of focusing on "what I can get from this scenario," shift your thinking to "what can I give or how can I serve?" In this way, you are always in control, because you get to decide what you give. Then suddenly your future looks more certain, which is especially beneficial if you're in business for yourself, and your confidence increases accordingly. You also just feel better about life altogether.
  • Rework your inner talk: We all have an inner voice that tells us things all the time, and usually the words that happen in there just simply aren't true. The trick here is to first work on your self-awareness so that you can actually master the ability to tune in to the chatter that's going on in there. If you have trouble here, I recommend turning your attention to your body, and monitoring how your body is feeling throughout the day. This is a significant indication of what is going on in your head – if your body feels shitty, it might just mean you're mind is thinking shitty thoughts. Get up there, toss that self-defeating thought aside, and infuse yourself with positivity: "I am kind. I am wonderful. I am capable of accomplishing anything I desire."

Each of these points resonate with the overarching mindfulness aspect that I think is really key to achieving change in any direction you please. If that change is being a more confident person, then these points are bound to make a difference for you. Don't be mistaken by the fashion content I post regularly – confidence is not in clothes... it's in you.

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