Lessons in Adulting 101


On my 25th birthday, I couldn't stop saying the line I'm a twenty-five year old wo-man! over and over again throughout the night. I made sure to annunciate the 'wo' and the 'man' very definitively, as Cary Bradshaw once did in one of the my many beloved Sex and the City episodes, though I'm pretty sure it was thirty-five, not twenty-five in her case. Either way, I could feel it deep my soul (and luckily not yet my aching bones) that I was officially an adult.

I've always had this thing where I've been waiting – and waiting – to finally feel grown up. Whether my inherent "babyness" as a result of being the youngest sibling, or my unshakable childlike outlook on life, I'm not sure. All I know is, hand me any super-adult task, especially those involving a frying pan and a recipe, and I'll probably be running for the hills (or ordering pizza) before you can say grow up.

So, essentially what I've learned is, I may never actually feel grown up, and that is okay. Just so long as I can master appearing and acting adult enough, it seems I should get by in life just alright. Here are my tips on how to become an adult, infused by financial "adulting 101" lessons from my wonderful friend Chantel (and financial fitness coach) in collaboration with Mogo.

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How to be a regular adult:

  • Don't just date somebody because you think they're cute, aim higher
  • Stay true to your word, or if you really feel like bailing on your friends to watch Sex and the City reruns, be honest
  • Don't confuse your ego-desires with your true desires – if you need education here, pick up some Eckhart Tolle
  • Take calculated risks and think long-term when it comes to business, relationships, and travel
  • Create boundaries for yourself; don't force yourself to do anything that makes you feel like a pile of anxious garbage
  • Don't apologize for doing what you know in your soul is right for you; make YOU your biggest priority
  • Listen to that voice within you, you know, the one that's always right? It's also called intuition

How to be a financially-responsible adult:

  • Don't go all Rick Ross and spend 100% of your credit limit; keep your balance below 70% of your limit
  • Just avoid using your credit cards if you can't control your spending
  • Pay day loans? Just don't go there

Stay tuned for the next Sunday School Adulting 101 lesson. You'll learn how to actually choose, sniff, and smell a variety of wines while simultaneously figuring out how to rescue your drowning credit score. It's just a fabulous time.


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