Joi de Vivre with Sutie Skirts


I often wonder why I was born in the geographical location I was, since I'm so drawn to the beauty and history of Europe. But, I can't help but feel thankful that I got the incredible opportunity to spend a prolonged period of time there last year. I'd spend hours just meandering cobblestone streets with my camera, always looking up at the beautiful architecture and feeling so... wistfully romantic. We stumbled upon little Europe while visiting Huntington Beach, and it was the perfect backdrop for my favorite, classic black and white Sutie Skirts. You never would have guessed, would you? I was ecstatic to be back in Europe... even if it was the farthest thing from it!

You can now head over to Sutie Skirts and pre-order your La Parisienne skirt here.

Joi de vivre!

Sutie-Skirts-La-Parisienne Sutie-Skirts-La-Parisienne-1 Sutie-Skirts-La-Parisienne-2 Sutie-Skirts-La-Parisienne-3 Sutie-Skirts-La-Parisienne-4 Sutie-Skirts-La-Parisienne-5Sutie-Skirts-La-Parisienne-6 Sutie-Skirts-La-Parisienne-7 Sutie-Skirts-La-Parisienne-8 Sutie-Skirts-La-Parisienne-9 Sutie-Skirts-La-Parisienne-10 Sutie-Skirts-La-Parisienne-11 Sutie-Skirts-La-Parisienne-12 Sutie-Skirts-La-Parisienne-13 Sutie-Skirts-La-Parisienne-14


Skirt: Sutie Skirts Top: Guess Shoes: Kate Spade

Photography by Allyfotografy

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