Heinui from Barcelona, Backyard Blues


All the way from beautiful Spain, my special dress has finally arrived safely on my doorstep in North Carolina - to my excitement of course! This unique dress is designed by Heinui from Barcelona, a label by French designer Claire Pignot, which was created alongside Barcelona illustrator Nuria R. Artuñedo. I slipped on the dress in an effortless sort of way and took it outdoors for some playful shenanigans, opting to pair it with my favourite accessory: a long string of pearls that I picked up in a vintage shop in London, and my pearl earrings and newly acquired pearl stacked rings.

If you look closely you'll see the print of the dress: splashed with blue watercolor silhouettes of the female form, this design dances playfully on the line between feminine and masculine, somehow seamlessly incorporating the two into one look. With a wrap-style A-line skirt and a structured button-up and collared top, this 100% cotton twill dress even incorporates my absolute favourite detail on any dress: pockets!

Heinui from Barcelona

After becoming infatuated with my latest possession and addition to my closet, I couldn't help but shop the Heinui collection a little more. Discovering similar silhouettes of different prints and solids, as well as another one of my favourite (slightly more masculine) designs that come in the waistless tilt dress, it seems like the combination of masculine and feminine silhouettes is a central theme for Heinui. And it's surely a theme that can be addicting.

PS. It seems to come as no surprise to the multitudes of inquirers when you reply to their question (while surely appeasing their suspicions of its uniqueness) with, "Oh, it's Heinui from Barcelona!"

Perhaps wearing a masculine silhouette and combining it with timeless and feminine elements is the perfect opportunity for even the most feminine of girls to make a bold statement, as this is surely what's been happening in the fashion world for decades. Besides, isn't that what fashion is all about?

Regardless, when it comes to the strong essence of femininity, I'll side with Heinui from Barcelona.



Dress: Heinui / courtesy of Tictail

Rings: Forever 21 (Similar here)

Shoes: Zara