Quick Tips to Enhance Your Femininity, Even if you don't have the time


It's true, I'm not your average female. I'm more concerned with growing my business than I am with rearing babies, I'm more consumed by my love for travel than I am by my dreams of having a family. I spend less time in the mirror each morning than most men do, and when compared to the average female, my effort on aesthetics might seem sloppy at best.

Most days I feel rushed for time, searching for creative ways that I can (a) get all of my tasks accomplished and (b) look somewhat decent before leaving the house.

I refuse to get my lips injected, my boobs enlarged, or wear revealing clothes to garner the attention of the opposite sex.

The only things I've created in the kitchen are several small fires and many giant messes.

I guess I just don't fit in with the majority... but that doesn't mean that I want to associate with the male gender more. And I know there are a lot of women out there who can relate to how this feels.

But, all of that being true doesn't mean we have to totally toss our femininity to the side. Coming up through the trenches, I've discovered some tricks that make all of that feminine stuff quicker and less irritating.

My Quick Tips for Bringing out your Femininity

  • Wear some pink. Wearing the color pink will immediately make you look and feel more feminine. I was surprised by how many people commented on my new Bench dress, since it's actually quite casual, until I realized it was because of its feminine, pale pink hue. I hardly ever wear color, but perhaps that's something to switch up once in a while.
  • Put on some pearl studs. Pearl studs have always been my ultimate favourite accessory. I'm not a fan of dangle earrings, and an understated pair of white pear studs adds a touch of class and elegance to literally any outfit.
  • Establish a minimal beauty routine. This I have been trying to master for years, and after discovering RMS Beauty, a natural line by a Vancouver makeup artist which is now known by Hollywood's stars, this has become so much easier.
    • Here are my beauty steps:
      • Cleanse and moisturize skin, use a good eye cream, 1 minute
      • Spot correct with RMS Concealer, 1 minute
      • Powder with Jane Iredale, also provide UV protection, 15 seconds
      • Add blush and lip stain with RMS Lip-to-Cheek, 30 seconds
      • Add a touch of bronzer to cheeks, jawline, and sides of hairline, 15 seconds
      • Add RMS Highlighter with fingers to cheekbones, brow bones, and bridge of nose, 3o seconds
      • Curl lashes and apply a light coat of mascara, 30 seconds
      • Brush out brows with brow gel and fill with brow powder, 3 minutes 
      • Total time: 7 minutes
  • Use a flat iron for subtle curls. I only just finally learned how to create curls with a flat iron. Flatten out the top, stop mid way down, flip your curl one turn of 360 degrees, and pull to the bottom. Make sure your curls are facing away from your face on each side. This will save you a good 10-15 minutes compared to curling with a wand.
  • Get some cute but versatile (and comfortable) flats. Can't stand wobbling around all day in uncomfortable heels? I'm with you. I recommend these People Footwear flats for something super versatile, comfortable, and yet cute.
  • Accessorize with gold. I've always found gold to be much more feminine than silver, so get yourself some gold from OhKuol Jewelry.

That's it for now, I hope you enjoy feeling a little more feminine today (in the best ways possible).

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