Feeling 21


On my 21st birthday, I decided I was going to stop aging. I continued to celebrate my 21st again and again, until I had 3 'again's' tacked on to the end of the birthday invite. Alexa's 21st again, again, again was starting to sound a little desperate.

We're all eager to pull back on the hands of time and stop our aging. It does suck getting old, I have to say. I've never felt like the old one, ever, not once in my life, except for a very recent event upon which I met a very famous, very young someone with the initial JB  – I signed an NDA, so I can't really talk about it.

I digress. In my attempts to continue battling the signs of aging without looking desperate to remain young, I began investing in my skin. I knew from my efforts of observation and learning that youthful, glowing skin was the key. If I could stop my skin from aging, I could look young forever. And that's really the point, isn't it? 

It didn't completely work, though. My freckly skin continued to absorb the harmful rays from the sun, and my overly expressive eyes continued to produce fine lines every time I smiled or laughed.

Fresh faced after my treatment with Fiore Skin Clinic in Vancouver Beauty in Vancouver with Fiore Skin Clinic IMG_9140

And, as if setup specifically from the universe based on my prior wishes, I came into the hands of Fiore Skin Clinic, a haven for beauty in Vancouver, and a team that has taken very, very amazing care of me and my skin. I've been on their ZO Skin Health program and have been using Jane Iredale makeup as a physical sunblock, which has been amazing.

Fresh faced after my treatment with Fiore Skin Clinic in Vancouver IMG_9146

Most recently, ie. yesterday, I had a BBL PhotoFacial, one of their laser treatments, to zap away my wrinkles, sun damage, and boost my natural collagen. The treatment was quick and relatively pain-free. I knew the treatment had worked when my friend came over the other night and instantly gushed about how youthful my makeup-free skin was looking: As soon as you swung open the door, I thought "has she done something different?"

IMG_9147 Fresh faced after my treatment with Fiore Skin Clinic in Vancouver Beauty blogger in Vancouver

Well, indeed, I've done something different.

And while I can't be more ecstatic to be looking closer to 21 than to 26 (or so they say... please, please be true!), I'm most excited about how looking a little more youthful has brought back that hopeful, romantic essence of feeling young.

Feeling 21.



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