Ever New, York


I'm obsessed with New York for more reasons than I initially realized, which became glaringly obvious during my latest trip to the Big Apple this past month. My first trip to NYC – and the following 7 or so that followed – were initiated by a romance, and having said goodbye to that relationship a few months ago, I wasn't entirely sure how I'd be feeling on my next encounter to the city, sans-relationship, post-breakup.

And while there were endless memories lingering in the streets of Manhattan, the ones that never fail to spark a remembrance like it was yesterday, I discovered that there was much more in NYC for me.

There's a phenomenon that has been occurring to me ever since I took my first flight to New York, and one that still persists. Whether you're a fan of numerology or not, I can honestly say I've never had such a riveting or eerily accurate experience like the one I had with my numerologist little over a year ago.

So here's how it goes: I'll be packing my bag, or getting into a taxi, or riding the skytrain to the airport on my way to New York City and I'll start noticing "731" all over the place (my birthday is July 31st, ie. 731). This time, flying from Chicago to NYC, I checked Delta's online flight status website during my flight and there it was again: "Total distance from Chicago to New York City: 731 Miles."

After some Googling I came to know that seeing your birthday is a sign to "pay attention."

I'm still trying to figure out what I should be paying attention to, in particular, but I'm certain now that there's so much opportunity and magic to be had in NYC than a love connection of my past. It seems New York City holds a connection to my future, too.

Ever New Australia in NYC Ever New in New York City  Wearing Ever New Australia on Park Ave in NYC ever-new-nyc ever-new-austalia-nyc ever-new-australia-nyc Wearing Ever New Australia in NYC

What I'm Wearing:

Head to toe in Ever New

Photography by Allyfotografy