Dresses in January #LOVEMYHOOD


It's true, I do #LOVEMYHOOD, and I also love the fact that I've discovered a way to wear dresses in January.  I recently took a trip to Bench to shop for my latest picks, and I came across this black, long-sleeved number. It wasn't until I made it into the changing room that I decided I loved it and needed to have it as I drooled over the hem-to-collar zipper, presenting a single navy blue, satin stripe detail to the back. I for one have always loved subtle back details: they almost convince people you're totally plain-Jane until you turn around to walk away, in which case they must recall their prior judgement.

My tips for wearing dresses in January:

  • Make sure the dress is long-sleeved; otherwise make sure you pair it with a cardigan, open sweater, or blazer.
  • A more robust fabric, like a nylon or polyester/cotton blend, is preferred over something thin – which is sure to make you regret your decision as you freeeeeze – like a silk or satin.
  • Wear a pair of skinny jeans (black, blue, leather, pleather... the options are endless) or thick tights underneath.
  • Select your footwear for the occasion. The footwear you opt to pair with your dress in January will decide on the upscale or casual'ness of the ensemble. Here, I decided to go casual with my favourite pair of white sneakers.
  • Accessories with a hat, scarf, and cross-body bag – if you please. Personally I think these additions make the dress + pants ensemble look more intentional as opposed to a sleepy Monday morning mistake.

Love my hood with Bench Canada Love my hood with Bench Canada Wearing a dress from Bench in January Welcome to my new alleyway #Lovemyhood Wearing a scarf and dress from Bench Canada Wearing a scarf and dress from Bench Canada Wearing a scarf and dress from Bench Canada Wearing a scarf and dress from Bench Canada

What I'm wearing:

Dress: Bench  Scarf: Bench Shoes: Garment Project Bag: Cuyana