Chicago in Film


I've always wanted to go to Chicago. But I never really had a reason, or a means, to get there. And as much as a solo travel enthusiast as I am, I was frightened once during a quick layover at O'Hare on my way to New York and vowed I better have a travel partner for my first trip to the Windy City.

I digress. I finally made it to Chicago, and spent an amazing 3 days – with an amazingly sweet local host – staying with Loews Chicago. I loved staying here since it was so central. I only had three days and really couldn't afford to spare a single minute. I left the shades up purposely to wake to an amazing view of sunrise over Navy Pier each morning. 

Three days in Chicago was not nearly enough time; but it was just long enough to completely fall for the city – head over heels.

A BIG THANK YOU to Loews Chicago for showing me such an incredible time. I can't wait to stay with you again soon!

Check out my video of Chicago, an amazing architectural city, in this short but sweet video.

Where I Stayed:

Loews Chicago