Car2Go Mercedes-Benz: Luxury Car Sharing for Millennials

Have you heard? Car2Go recently made an incredibly exciting announcement that they are rolling out their fleet of luxury vehicles, which also happens to be my dream car: Mercedes-Benz! I've been a Car2Go member for over a year now, unable to really grasp the responsibility, time, and cost involved in personal car ownership, but I've honestly been drooling over having my own Mercedes-Benz CLA for a while. I had a friend who would often go out of town, and offer up her Mercedes-Benz CLA to help me get to-and-fro her home to feed her cat while she was gone. These were the times I got to do my dream-building, feeling like, once I got myself in the driver's seat of one of these vehicles for the long, that's when I'll know I've made it.

car2go mercedes-benz

What do I love most about car sharing with Car2Go?

Car sharing with Car2Go has made my life incredibly easy and convenient. I honestly don't even know what I did before signing up for this car sharing membership. Growing up outside the city, I always had a vehicle of my own up until I decided to become a digital nomad about 3 years ago. When I returned back to Vancouver from my stint abroad, I simply didn't have the money to buy myself another car. And, living right downtown, I quickly realized – for the first time in my life – that I didn't need a car. It was an elating discovery.

Eventually, I got myself a studio in the West End at English Bay, and this is when I began running into some problems. Being off the track of public transit and a long foot-travel away from much of anything, I found I was okay until I needed to get to an appointment. I found my Car2Go membership virtually saved my life, providing that mobility solution I so needed and craved at that point in my life. It also allowed me to get out to see family outside the city on a more regular, convenient basis.

My favourite aspects of being a Car2go member:

  • Affordability. It's only about 40 cents/minute, and you don't have to pay for gas or insurance.
  • Abundance. There are Car2Go's all over the place! If you happen to not find one, just turn on your radar and for sure within 5 minutes, one will show up.
  • Parking. If you're a West End dweller, you can park your Car2Go in permit spots. This was a major life-saver for me.
  • Day Rates. With affordable day rates around $50-$65, Car2Go became the perfect solution for me to go visit with my family or take a drive to Whistler for the day.

What do I love most about Mercedes-Benz?

I don't know why, exactly, but somehow my 6 year old brain decided that Mercedes-Benz was the coolest car, and something I just had to have when I grew up. Nothing much has changed, except for that – after having ample opportunity to drive them lately – I can actually pin-point the reasons a little better.

My favourite aspects of Mercedes-Benz:

  • Just the way they look. They just look so sleek, and yet they lack that "show off" vibe that other luxury cars seem to have.
  • All the bells and whistles. The automatic locks, the engine shut-off when stopped at a red light, the heated seats, the amazing sun roof, the sound system... they have the best of it all.
  • That power. I'm not going to start talking horsepower with you, but I'm a speedy one, and I love the power!
  • That comfort. I always feel the most comfortable and the safest when driving a Mercedes-Benz... they're so sturdy and just so wonderful to sit in.


As a millennial, we are so consumed with how we look and, yes, we want everything right now! But, as millennials, we don't have the time to worry about things like personal car ownership. And since we are arguably the first generation that's concerned with and knowledgable about the health of the planet, Car2Go Mercedes-Benz is the perfect fit for our generation's needs, wants, and wishes.

Be sure to sign up for Car2Go now – and be one of the first to get your hands on the steering wheel of a Car2Go Mercedes-Benz!