Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: A Turtle's Travel


On a post-party, relaxing, giggly day in Cabo San Lucas, a few friends get together in the afternoon, just before the sun goes down. Although the current state of their health threatens to keep them in bed, they know they have something serious to accomplish on this day. Hopping into their handy SUV, they travel a few minutes out of town, and come across the dirt road they’re looking for. This dirt road and its unkempt state also threatens to keep them from accomplishing their goals, but they press on, determined, abdomen muscles clenched. They pull up to a metal gate, and exchange a few words and documents with the Mexican peace-keeper looking fellow, and after several muffled Spanish words, and the nod of a head, they are allowed to enter. A Mexican ranch on the beach awaits, sunset in tow.

An educational video begins, and the friends watch in awe and excitement of what is to come. They are much more educated after the video ends, feeling a sudden urge of capability in their hands, anticipating the responsibility that lays ahead, just a few steps out on the beach. They follow the instructor, pausing to take a few wistful snapshots, trying to catch the wind in their hair the effortless looking way.

They reach the spot on the shore where their challenge will ensue. Looking out towards the sunset, they catch glimpses of whales, just a couple hundred yards off shore. The whales seem excited to meet their new friends, who await their release inside the green container the instructor carries.

Each friend receives two little beings, and takes them between their fore-fingers and thumbs. They each spend a few precious moments with their baby turtles, giving them names and kissing them goodbye. They wish them good luck with their future, and set them on their way to the world that awaits.

Eight little turtles make their way towards their new world, the little creatures stumbling and staggering at first. Eventually the race begins, and the friends cheer them on from the side lines. Tutu and Turt-Turt take the lead, but little Caroline struggles. The instructor draws her an arrow in the sand to help her find her way. Slowly they move closer, and at just the right time, a big wave washes ashore, pulling the turtles into their new world of the big blue. The ocean.

The friends stand on the shore with the waves splashing at their feet, and say a final goodbye to their little friends. They stare in silence, taking a deep breath, feeling slightly saddened but completely rejuvenated. They look at one another, and after counting to three, capture a group shot of them jumping in the air. Getting in the SUV to leave, they all agree that releasing the baby turtles was not only just a fun idea, it was exactly what they’d suspected it could be.

Life-altering. Glimpse-shifting. Soul-shattering.


TravelAlexa Suter