As it turns out, choosing the right bikini for your body type is not simply a matter of color or style preferences, as I recently learned during an exciting and educational trip to Bikini Village before my trip to San Diego for New Year's Eve. I got to chatting with the sales rep, who explained to me in clear and decisive reasoning why certain styles (particularly tops) just weren't working for me. I eagerly wanted to purchase a one-piece for worry-free wave-gallivanting, but found my torso was just too long to pull off the pre-determined sizing of the piece. So, instead, I delved head first into the bikini section (and the mind of the bikini sales rep) and here's what I discovered:

  • If you have a small bust, like me, you have free-reign to get away with skimpier tops like bandeaus, triangles, and scoop necks like the one I chose – which I love, by the way. Unless you have a sizeable cup size, like I don't, you're probably better off sticking with these styles as opposed to trying to fulfill a push-up for the desired result, which I found to be, well, just plainly unattainable.
  • If you have an athletic build, you can add more volume/enhance curves by choosing a bikini bottom with side ties like the one I chose. I also learned that the smaller the bikini bottom, the curvier and fuller your derriere appears, which seems obvious but wasn't to me prior my visit to Bikini Village ;)
  • Curvier frame? My ultra-educated swimsuit specialist let me know that asymmetrical lines and color blocking are the best types of suits for this body type, and I finally realized that this is exactly the reason why bra-style tops never work for me – they're for the larger busts out there!

Regardless of your body type, I'd definitely recommend a visit to Bikini Village – online or in-store. Not only do they have really helpful swimsuit-educators, they also have a huge selection of styles, brands, and beach-related accessories, swimsuits, and clothing. Here's to finding your perfect swim gear in 2017 – and hopefully many vacations to wear them on!


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