Beauty Revolution: My Winning Beauty Products


I recently had the opportunity to attend a wonderful event by LD Beauty at the Chateau Fairmont Whistler. This event brought together all of the most well-known beauty brands into a marketplace which presented itself like trick-or-treating – except, instead of candy, makeup! I've compiled (literally put into a pile) some of my favourite products that I discovered from this event, plus a couple of others that have come into my life in other ways.

The winning highlighters are...

  • Almay Instant Glow Highlighting DuoThis one made the winning list for me because of its quick application. It comes in a lipstick-like form, allowing you to quickly swipe it across your cheekbones and bridge of your nose. You can simply blend it in with your fingertips. It's not tacky either, meaning you can add it on top of your base makeup without ruining or smudging. You can also opt to use the other end for a lighter application; I like to use this side for my upper lip and brow bones.
  • Makeup Revolution Luxury Baking PowderAt first I wasn't sure how to use this, but after my friend showed me, I realize how magical it is! Use a blending sponge to apply the baking powder underneath your eyes/on your cheekbones. It will erase any look of tiredness/puffy under-eyes as well as any "fallout" from your eyeshadow. The trick is to add the baking powder last.
  • Makeup Revolution Luminous Gold: This dropper allows you to add a few highligher dots along your cheekbones, upper lip, the tip of your nose and above your eyebrows at the arch of your brow bone. This is the best highlighter to use if you want something really noticeable, and I particularly like to use it for photos. It shows up and makes you glow!

The winning brushes are...

  • NYX Professional Makeup #22This uniquely shaped brush has a little divot in the center, making it look ergonomically shaped, but really working wonders when you blend your foundation. I honestly can't get enough of this brush!
  • Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood ComplexionBut, I couldn't go without mentioning this brush, because it's double-sidedness really makes it so versatile. The small side is perfect for spot correcting and getting in those sensitive places around your eyes, and the bigger side is great for your all-over foundation.

The winning foundation is...

  • Emani Deluxe Creme FoundationThis foundation is one of the best I've found in a long time, which is why it's my only winner for the category. I have oily skin, so it takes a lot for me to recommend a foundation. Normally I find they clog my pores and produce more oils, but this one is perfect. It brings that fresh "dewy" look without overdoing it, and provides the best coverage (so good that I don't have to use concealer for spot correcting before hand). A little product goes a really long way with this baby, and to top it all off, it's vegan!

The winning eyeliner is...

  • Shiseido Instroke EyelinerThis pot eyeliner comes with a little brush, which is a huge plus, but what I love most about it is the design of the packaging. In the center of the pot is a little plastic piece which allows you to wipe away the excess liner from your brush instead of using the side of the container and messing it all up. Simply genius!

The winning hair products are...

  • Rocky Mountain Soap Shampoo & Conditioner: Have you ever used an all-natural shampoo and conditioner? If no, it's about time you make the switch. The chemicals that cause the suds are bad for your hair health and potentially your health altogether. I recently made the switch to these hair products, and while there was a bit of a learning-curve involved, I now really love these products. My hair and scalp feels a lot healthier than it has in a while, and I just feel so much better not washing with chemically-involved products. My tips for switching to all natural shampoo: rub the shampoo in your hands vigorously to cause a bit of suds before washing; rinse and shampoo once more.

These products are revolutionary and have made my morning routine so much more enjoyable. They make for great stocking stuffers too!