Bare Basics

You know when you can't sleep at night because you have something really exciting happening the next morning? This is what was happening to me as I mentally deducted the sleep I'd manage with each ticking minute bringing me closer to my 4am wakeup call - time for a weekend getaway! We landed in LA at 9:30am with the full day ahead of us to explore. Surprisingly, we were feeling excited and energetic... though a caffeinated beverage certainly couldn't hurt. Particularly with the California sun, we opted to stop for something cool and energizing before jumping into the glamour of Beverly Hills. Focusing on the bare basics, we got the energetic lift we needed and prepared ourselves for the day ahead, hopping into our rental car and driving, windows down... I hadn't felt so free in a while!

Beverly Hills was calling us, and we soon found ourselves roaming the glamorous shops of Rodeo Drive, drooling over Chanel and the like.

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Jewelry: OhKuol Dress: Wilfred from Mine and Yours