Another Year Older, A Few Inches Shorter


You reach a certain age when the longest locks you can possibly grow simply isn't on your agenda of tasks anymore. For me, this age is 27. 27 is an interesting one: it's the first year you can't argue your way out of the "late twenties" category, and yet for some who are lucky (like myself), it might also me the first year you don't care to. I'm genuinely so relieved to finally feel this way – to accept the passing of time as an achievement rather than a grieve it as a loss and to see all the positive aspects of being a little bit older. 

I don't feel old, I haven't given up on my incessant lust for life and travel, I don't have babies and therefore don't have any real responsibilities – so what's the big difference?

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The Differences of Turning Late Twenties

I had to sit on this one for a couple of weeks before publishing this post, because honestly, I hadn't quite decided what the big differences of turning late twenties were yet. However, after some self-reflection and a couple of nights staring up at the dark ceiling thinking on just this, I've definitely begun to see a few.

  • You no longer rely on your long locks for confidence. I went in for a shorter, blunt cut at Eccotique Salon and Spa and didn't even feel a thing. I even told the stylist: I'm 27 now... I don't need to have such long hair. That never would have happened during my early twenties, when I'd be gripping the seat of the salon chair, sweating with every loss millimetre, wondering what my identity would be with shorter hair.
  • Your identity no longer has much to do with your looks. Aside from this photo shoot, where I actually took the time to do my hair and makeup, I no longer worry much about the way I'm looking. I'm much more concerned with the way I'm presenting myself and how I'm making others feel in any given moment.
  • You realize how young you actually are. This is the biggest thing I've noticed so far, and it's the opposite of what one might expect. Perhaps thanks to the ability to have a clearer idea of the 'grand scheme of life,' I'm not seeing how young I actually am, how much time I have to accomplish my dreams, and that it's totally okay to take a moment, breathe, and regroup on the things I wish to accomplish in my lifetime.

Life is what you make it. It's not determined by your age, your age category, or what you look like, and it's certainly not determined by the length of your hair. If there's anything that late twenties has taught me so far is that you get to be the person you WANT to be in life, every single day – and not even your ego, your past, or your false conditioning can change that. Your identity is in the little things in life: the conversations with your hairstylist, the thoughts that run through your mind, the silent smiles in the directions of strangers.

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