New York City: A Visit With a Purpose


New York City is, like, everyone's dream. And there's no wonder as to why. As we landed in NYC on this latest trip, which was the first trip that marked a business reason why, I realized that something peculiar happens to me internally each time I touchdown on the tarmac at JFK or LGA: I feel an overwhelming sense of calm washing over me, as if I'm returning home after a long, gruelling trip amongst foreign cultures.

Visiting NYC for a Purpose

Park Central Hotel NYC
Park Central Hotel NYC

I've been to New York, I think, about 11 times now. And it's a city that both never gets old and immediately feels familiar, as if it was once your home. I still haven't quite figured out why this is, and why it seems to be a general consensus amongst most travellers. Could it be because we see the cityscape and culture of New York City in our favourite TV shows and movies all the time? Or is it that NYC has every single culture somehow living cohesively on a tiny island? Whatever it is, I urge everyone I talk to who's never been to make the trip, for these two reasons, and many, many more.

Once you've made it to New York as a tourist, it's only natural that you start dreaming of a more concrete excuse to visit the city on the regular. This is why I was so excited when I got the chance to visit NYC for a business purpose. A client of ours at Studio Media, Sandra Phillips of movmi, made it big this last year in the world of TED Talks. After winning the Next Visionaries contest in Berlin, Sandra was on her way to the TED NYC Stage at their headquarters in Soho. So, without hesitation, we booked our flights to support her.

My Changing Purposes

For so long now, my main purpose has been to travel, and I've done so through my blog and through my freelance writing capabilities. But on this last trip to NYC, I felt a pivotal moment encompassing my purpose in both life and business. As I try to navigate the business world and growing an agency of my own from a one-woman-show to something a little more legit, I've also been trying to figure out what to do with Love, Alexa. What will happen to her? Can she continue to exist?

As I approach these answers, I feel a transformation on the horizon. But before I go ahead and make the official announcement, I'll just say that sometimes in order to grow, you have to let go. In order to create a life you love in every aspect, you have to constantly be refining what makes you happy, what you love, and what represents the person you are today. These are the things I was pondering during my solo moments in NYC after Ally flew back, sitting in my bed at Park Central Hotel and eating some delivery pizza (okay, an entire delivery pizza). I had a bath, cried, wrote a letter to myself and the universe, and started the steps to mourning the loss of who I was, and accepting the person I will be. 

Remember: Change is always difficult, and healing is a process, not a linear phase of consistent betterment.

PS. In addition to visiting TED HQ in NYC, we also got the chance to create this teaser video for Park Central Hotel.

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