A New York City Stay


It was always my dream to travel for a living. I wanted a job that would encourage travel, as opposed to all but banning it. It took a number of years (and countless wishes at fountains) to get here, but finally I can say I've made it. Having stayed with Loews Regency on Park Ave in New York City this time around has been everything I'd imagined – an absolute dream come true – and I'm nearly dying with gratitude. They've treated us like absolute royalty, though certainly we are far from it!

From the hotel's restaurant, The Regency Bar & Grill, where we got to see an amazing jazz performance by Jumaane Smith (he was even kind enough to give him a copy of his album!) to the champagne & sweet note awaiting our arrival, staying on Park Avenue for the first time has exceeded all of my expectations. They even set me up in their amazing spa, Julien Farel, for a blow out so I was looking nice and fresh for a day full of shooting.

I have so much more to share with you about my time here in New York City, but until then, check out some behind the scenes with Loews Regency.