A Guide to 24 Hours in Whistler


On the eve of my 27th birthday, my friend and I decided to headed up to Whistler – for just one evening – for a combined birthday celebration since her birthday was just the week before. Just enough time to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, steal some moments of relaxation, and gain a little perspective on that sweet thing called life before turning yet another year wiser. Having been a huge advocate of exploring Canada for #CANADA150 (more on that here) we naturally decided to drive up in a #Canada150 branded Zipcar. I don't own my own personal vehicle, since I live right in the city, I find I really don't need one. And being a millennial, I'm concerned about more global issues like climate change, so I get the best of both worlds with my carsharing efforts – peace of mind/contribution and convenience.

Before I go on to tell you about what you must see and do with 24 hours in Whistler, I'll also share with you the #Canada 150 contest currently running with Zipcar: simply reserve the branded vehicles, stack your points, and you could win $1500 of free driving time + a $500 VIA Rail voucher... which is the perfect way to see even more of Canada.

Canada 150 Zipcar Contest Whistler

Must Do's with 24 Hours in Whistler

24 Hours in Whistler

Guide to 24 Hours in Whistler

Scandinave Spa

This place never gets old – and on the contrary, I think it may actually get better and better with each visit. I couldn't have wished for a better setting than the Scandinave Spa to gain perspective and rejuvenation right before my birthday. This no-talking outdoor/indoor spa features water circuits complete with hot baths and cold plunges, relaxation areas like the newly opened hammock heaven and solarium spaces, saunas, steam rooms and more. If you want to really indulge, book yourself in for a massage. Otherwise, just show up and spend the day or evening – you'll probably want to budget for at least 3 of your 24 hours here.

Book your visit to the wonderful Scandi here.

peak 2 peak gondola 24 hours in whistler peak 2 peak gondola whistler peak 2 peak gondola whistler

Peak 2 Peak Gondola

Well, as it turns out, I'm definitely afraid of heights. If you're wondering what you really need to get up to for some perspective in Whistler, the Peak 2 Peak Gondola might just beat out all the rest. While it may also introduce you to fears you wouldn't already be aware of, it will also introduce you to arguably some of the most beautiful views you've ever seen – and what's better for gaining perspective than a beautiful view of mother nature?

What's also really cool is that the Peak 2 Peak is an engineering god, beating 3 world records, including the longest unsupported span between two cable car towers at 3.024 kilometres. It's also the highest cable car above ground at nearly 1500 feet.

Book your Peak 2 Peak Gondola ride here.

Superfly Ziplines whistler Superfly Ziplines whistler Superfly Ziplines whistler

Ziplining with Superfly Ziplines

While ziplining wouldn't always be my first idea of a good time under normal circumstances, I have to tell you: with the right ziptreck, ziplining IS that much fun. We went ziplining with Superfly Ziplines, and while we may have come close to wetting ourselves a couple of time, we ended up finding the perfect combination of exhilaration and just plain fun. We felt completely safe with the tour guides who brought us up to Cougar Mountain (just 15 minutes from the Village) on off-roading vehicles. We then walked between the 4 ziplines, getting great views of the beautiful scenery. The lines themselves range from super fast, to super steep, to somewhat relaxed, and finish with a trek that you can do side-by-side (or hand-in-hand) with your partner.

This tour only takes up about 4 hours of your time, and I'd highly recommend it for your 24 hours in Whistler! You can book your tour here.

That's all the Whistler tips I have for you today  – I hope you enjoy your time on the mountain, but more so, I hope you enjoy your entire #Canada150.

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